Soap Clay (White) 80 gram

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Soap Clay is a mouldable cold process soap.

You can sculpt, twist, roll and shape it as you like, and when you are happy with your creation, just leave it in a cool dry place to harden.

Ideal for:

*Holiday projects with the children, no time for boredom with our lovely clay.

*Sensory play in the bathtub, have hours of fun squishing some slippery soap clay and working up some bubbles while getting clean at the same time.

*Personalised gifts, create that extra special thank you gift to honor those you appreciate.

80 gram of Soap Craft Clay is enough to cover a standard bar of soap.

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Water, Sodium Cocoate, Sodium Olivate, Sodium Lardate.


Any single colour or combinations of the following:

Titanium Dioxide, Red Oxide, Black Oxide, Yellow Oxide.

Mica colours, Cocoa, Paprica, Activated Charcoal, Anatto seed extract.

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Weight 80 g


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