Shipping Costs

PAXI – Pep Stores Courier


PAXI is currently the most affordable courier option available.

You also don’t have to worry about missing the delivery, it will be delivered at the closest Pep Stores of your choice where you can pick up your parcel at any time convenient for you during business hours, they will keep it for up to two weeks for you to collect.

When your parcel enters the PAXI system, we receive a tracking number and pin code that we will send to you. You need this to be able to track and collect your parcel.

The system will automatically add the weight of your items and calculate the courier cost for the 7-9 days @ R50.

If you need a faster delivery time from PAXI we can arrange it at an extra cost, just leave a note in the block with your Paxi Store Node number and we will contact you for details and make arrangements:

7-9 days @ R50 (The standard option your shipping will be calculated by the system)

5-7 days @ R 80

3-5 days @ R100

There can fit approximately 20 soaps inside a PAXI bag.


You are welcome to contact us for any assistance or inquiries about your order.


Ansa Smit